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Who Are We?

“Odisha, a state in eastern India on the Bay of Bengal, is famed for its ancient culture and stunning architecture. Vibrant art and music, diverse dialects, dance styles and cuisines add to Odisha’s individuality. With its Maritime adventures of the past and the sports patronage of the present, Odisha has made a distinct mark in the world.

Odia Socio Cultural Association Netherlands (OSCAN), is a not for profit organization, formally registered in the Netherlands. A group of like minded odias started this initiative in 2017 and we continue to grow since then.
OSCAN’s purpose is to promote knowledge and understanding of Odia culture and history. Our idea of togetherness and inclusion derives from the sense of community and collaboration that Odia society is recognized for. We organise Odia festivals, community events, and charities to build unity among Odias in the Netherlands and with the Dutch society in which we live. We aspire to become a portal for next generation Dutch-odias connecting them with their roots through the interactions we cultivate. We assist overseas Odias with their education, professional advancement, and social circle expansion by providing numerous opportunities for networking and counselling.”