The Odia Socio Cultural Association Netherlands (OSCAN) is a non-profit and voluntary organization. OSCAN was founded in 2017, by a group of like-minded individuals aiming to connect people living in the Netherlands who called Odisha their home.


Odisha is a lovely state on the eastern coast of India. It is renowned all over the world for the warmth of its people, as a spiritual center, for its classical and folk dances, its proud history of maritime adventurers, unique cuisine, its wealth of flora and fauna and more recently as the primary sponsor of the Indian hockey team.

It is inhabited by people from not only different parts of India, but also from all over the world, who have come to call it home. This makes it a very interesting mix of old and new, of tradition and innovation and of consistency and evolution. This is what we proudly refer to as the ‘Odia culture’. It is inclusive and not just limited to people who speak Odia, the most widely spoken language in Odisha.

Our mission

OSCAN aims to connect the Odias residing in the Netherlands via Socio-cultural events promoting Odia Culture. Since 2017, OSCAN has organised events that helped connect over 300 people in the Netherlands. These events provided a forum which brought together people from all over the Netherlands who either identified with or were interested in exploring the aforementioned ‘Odia culture’.

We urge you to stay in touch with us by following our page and helping us with your kind suggestions and feedback.