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Raising Funds for Cyclone Fani

Event Date:

March 28, 2024

Event Time:

5:34 pm

Event Location:

Cyclone Fani

The blaring loudspeakers urged people to move to cyclone shelters on higher ground. “We have made our home with our own two hands, how can we leave it behind?”, people protested. Luckily they were persuaded to follow reason and seek protection. Disaster management agencies from the state and federal governments collaborated with the armed forces to conduct one of the largest evacuation operations in the world to move more than a million people, from the areas that were expected to be affected by Cyclone Fani, to safer ground and cyclone bunkers.

Cyclone Fani, which hit Odisha on 3rd May 2019, didn’t manage to cause many human casualties, but homes worth millions (official estimates expected) were destroyed. The people of Odisha have braved 250 cyclones in the last century, the most ferocious claiming 10,000 lives in 1999. They hold their head high in this continual fight against nature’s wrath, but they need your support to rebuild the destruction that Fani left in its trail.

A lot of organisers and charities are busy raising funds for to help the affected. Regional, national and international aid agencies have swung into action to help the affected. Generally, after such acts of God a lot of attention and help tends to focus on rebuilding homes in bigger cities, restoring infrastructure and helping people with basic necessities.

Team OSCAN wants to wait till the first wave of relief efforts have taken effect and then try and fill in the gaps usually left behind. Some examples below:

  • planting trees where vegetation was destroyed by the cyclone, in order to restore the natural balance
  • helping the affected in remote areas to ensure their means of livelihood are rehabilitated (think about farmers who’s farms were inundated with waste)
  • private and public orphanages or old age homes that suffered damage in the cyclone, but are lower in the list of beneficiaries of regular disaster aid schemes

Team OSCAN would like to tie up with vetted agencies working on the ground, which can provide complete transparency about how the donations were used. Hopefully, we would be able to secure photographic feedback on the improvement we brought about with the money we raised together. So please don’t wait anymore. Donate now!

Please donate by clicking on the link below.

Ideal (in Dutch) –


Note: We may not be able to issue a tax rebate certificate for your contribution as we are trying to understand from the KVK/Notary if we can do that or not.

To get a sense of the intensity of the cyclone and the damage caused, please view these reports from international news outlets.

Event Schedule Details

  • March 28, 2024 5:34 pm   -   12:00 am
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