How to deal with Emergency situation in Netherlands.

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Emergencies can arise at any time, so it’s best to plan. If you’re living all by yourself, please share the number of an alternate contact with your family so they can reach someone in case they can’t find you. Most people pick a roommate, a neighbor or someone living nearby as an alternate contact.

Death of a relative in the Netherlands

The unfortunate death of a relative abroad can pose many logistical challenges during a very emotional phase. We hope to provide you with useful information to help, while you are dealing with immense personal loss.

When the deceased is on project in the Netherlands, employed by an Indian company, it often helps to contact employer’s HR department. Most employers have standard operating procedures to help in such situations.

The Indian Embassy in the Netherlands could also help in such situations.

[The following text has been taken from the website of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India]:

To bring back the mortal remains of an Indian national, registration of death at the concerned Indian Mission/Post is necessary, for which normally the following documents are required:

  1. Medical report / death certificate issued from a hospital
  2. Copy of detailed police report (with English translation, if report is in some other language), in case of accidental or unnatural death
  3. Consent letter from next of kin of the deceased for local cremation / burial / transportation of mortal remains, duly attested by a notary
  4. Copy of passport and visa pages

In addition to the above, other documents such as clearance and arrangements for embalming of mortal remains, clearance from Dutch immigration/customs department, etc. might be required.

While there is no undue delay in cases of natural deaths, the time taken in transporting the mortal remains to India is longer in the case of unnatural deaths, because of local procedures involved in those countries for investigating the cause of death.

Our Missions/Posts remain in constant touch with the next of kin of the deceased Indian national to facilitate the transportation or local burial of the mortal remains in accordance with the wishes of the family of the deceased. They also liaise with the concerned foreign officials to expedite procedures for the repatriation of mortal remains to India.